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Samsung AR3000 - 9oooBTU MIDWALL SPLIT

Required for room up to size 12 to 18 - m2


· Fast Cooling - Rapidly reaches the desired temperature, so you feel comfortably cool or warm faster.
· Good Sleep Mode - Creates the ideal conditions for a good night’s sleep.
· Auto Mode - Auto restart function and indoor temperature display.
· Dehumidification - Extracts the moisture from the air while significantly cooling it at the same time.
· HD Filter - Prevents fine dust particles, allergens, and airborne contaminants from spreading out in the air.
· 2-Way Auto Swing - Automatically controls the air flow direction, so it evenly distributes cool/warm air to ensure maximum comfort.
· Hidden Display

Samsung Non Inverter AR3000 Midwall Split 9oooBTU