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Intelligent purification
Connect to cleaner air
Purifier Series 2000i automatically monitors and purifies the air - then gives real-time air
quality feedback via the display and connected App. Also use the App for outdoor air
quality and allergy management advice. Ideal for living room.

Suitable for areas no larger than 79 sqm.

Philips Air Purifier - Series 2000

SKU: PAP2000
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  • Superior purification
    • Reduces allergens, gases, odors
    • Captures 99.97% of particles that pass through the filter
    Intelligent purification
    • Automatically monitors, reacts & purifies the air
    • Visualized air quality feedback
    • 3 auto modes & 5 manual settings, incl. quiet sleep setting
    • Unique allergen mode
    Long-lasting performance
    • Ideal for medium to large rooms
    With Air Quality App
    • Track indoor and outdoor air quality
    • Allergen management advice
    • Control purifier from anywhere

    Unique allergen mode
    The Allergen mode of the Philips Air Purifier Series 2000i is ideal for those with high sensitivity to allergens. At the heart of this mode is a unique, always-alert program that detects and reacts to potential allergen risk, and auto-powers the airflow to immediately reduce the allergen exposure.